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Meet E.M.M.A. for School Safety

You know Think Safe, Inc. for our world-class safety and emer{“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”10340c10-0730-486f-bf08-732d683fc60f”,”name”:”core/gallery”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“images”:[],”ids”:[],”imageCrop”:true,”sizeSlug”:”large”},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}gency equipment and our award winning customer support.

But did you know we also work in the emergency communications field?

Our patented florinef reviews E.M.M.A. technology connects your entire organization with 911 dispatchers. Communication and knowledge is instantaneous and accurate during any emergency situation.

{“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”6d1295b7-c09a-40f9-8024-2fa4f4abdc0d”,”name”:”core/gallery”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“images”:[],”ids”:[],”imageCrop”:true,”sizeSlug”:”large”},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}From push notification alerts to Geofencing to S.S.S.S. alerts, we are eager to share more with you.

Tabira E.M.M.A. is new technology that empowers staff and safety personnel before 911 arrives.  Improved communication comes Klaeng through push notifications – much resumptively quicker and more reliable than text or email notifications.

 Below are just a few features:

  • FAST: Notification system using push notification
  • COMMUNICATION: Real time 2-way communication with school safety leaders during critical emergency events
  • 911-INTEGRATION: Connect teachers and administrators to 911 dispatchers and first responders
  • REAL TIME INFO: View on campus map where an emergency is unfolding and who is affected
  • ANTI-BULLYING: Anonymous tip app

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