Become a Trainer Join the Think Safe network of professional trainers and become a certified First Voice Training instructor! Traditional in-person instructor led training is the leading way that CPR, AED, First Aid, BBP, Active Violence, emergency preparedness offerings, and other safety courses have been delivered by Think Safe instructors. Existing professional trainers can provide certifications and work history for advanced credentials and access to valuable free add-ons that our Training Center Management (TCM) tool gives training center managers who teach many classes regularly. Become a Trainer for Think Safe Today.


If you are interested in becoming a First Voice trainer, drop us a message.

marcin sojka voice of poland singiel What if I want to become an in-house trainer for First Voice at my company? Do you have a train the trainer program? Yes. It is easy and convenient to become a First Voice Trainer using our Train- The-Trainer program and courses. Simply pay for and pass the required classes. Contact the First Voice online training technical support team for more assistance on how to become an in-house First Voice training instructor at your company.

Gabapentin 300 mg for dogs where to buy from If I am already a certified trainer for Red Cross, American Heart Association, or other training agency, does First Voice Training offer reciprocity and allow me to be an approved First Voice

Yes. For any already certified trainer for other training organizations, reciprocity will be granted where the trainer does not need to pass courses to become “certified” by First Voice. Contact the First Voice online training technical support team for more assistance on what forms and verification are required for reciprocity. Trainers are advised to take the First Voice Train The Trainer course however, to allow for review of proper expectations and procedures specific to our training network.

What is the cost or requirements to become a trainer or renew as a trainer for First Voice Training?​

Costs vary but generally are $59-$99 for the certificate and to become a trainer or renew as a trainer for First Voice Training (there may be extra costs if you do not have adequate supplies or training materials). Certificates for trainers are valid for 2 years for any approved First Voice trainers. Trainers that provide evidence of certification with a different training organization that is more than 1 year remaining can receive discounted rates. Larger Training Centers with many instructors can receive discounted rates for switching over to First Voice Training as well. In order to renew, the trainer must have current course certificates for any courses they wish to train and must pass the Train-The-Trainer course provided by First Voice Training. If current certifications are provided by the trainer for courses already passed under a different training organization, First Voice Training will review and provide feedback or approval as necessary.

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