AED Medical Direction


Numan Medical Direction is a Physician overseeing the AED program and reviews AED events. Medical Direction is not include with your AED purchase and you may need to purchase separately depending on your state.

AED Medical Direction, Medical Oversight, or Physician's Oversight

Yantai First Voice Medical Direction Services from Think Safe provide physician’s oversight and sign-off of your AED program, and provides all legal protections for state / local civil liability immunity laws according to where the AEDs are placed.

  • Medical Prescription & Annual Medical Oversight Authorization
  • EMS Registration/Notification Services
  • Policy and Procedure Manual & AED Response Protocol; Ensuring each site is within state AED acquirer civil liability law protection
  • Regulatory & recall updates as necessary and industry updates
  • Event reviews when AED is used by a First Voice Medical Director site
  • Includes $1 million general liability policy coverage  

Physician Supervision Your AED program will be under the direct supervision of a licensed physician that can help you secure the FDA-required medical authorization for your AED, approve protocols for its use, and provide medical supervision and support of any uses of the device.

Training and Support

Training is one of the most critical components to a successful AED program. Medical direction will recommend using onsite training or nationally accredited online training needs, and monitor re-certification schedules for those designated staff members who have received CPR/AED/First Aid/BBP training. Some industries may require other special training such as oxygen or healthcare provider ACLS courses and medical direction will specify these needs and monitor recertification as well.

AED Protocol Standards Oversight

Keeping your equipment up-to-date allows things to work properly and stay within current nationally accepted protocols. Development of procedures and tools for maintenance and inspection of AED and responder equipment will provide a cohesive AED program. AED and Responder protocols and procedures for response and training are signed-off on by your qualified AED professional. Finally, a compliance audit will ensure your AED Program follows all federal, state and local governmental compliance standards to limit your organization’s legal liability.

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