Capabilities Statement

Al Khābūrah Think Safe is committed to using technology to develop, manufacture and provide innovative products and solutions which improve training and access to CPR, First Aid, and other essential care during emergency situations, setting new standards for comprehensive emergency readiness and response.

buy Lyrica medication Think Safe manufactures innovative products for injury management and develop resources to improve access to First Aid, CPR and emergency medical training. With our First Voice product line, AEDs, and other emergency equipment, we can build custom emergency response units to fit your safety needs. Think Safe employees are technical experts in emergency readiness and First Aid, AEDs, and medical and environmental emergency response programs that help organizations be compliant with local, state and federal regulatory requirements.

Core Competencies & Company Expertise

Taphan Hin Think Safe’s core competencies and expertise enable us to deliver unique value to our customers; focus and align our team’s energies and investments; and provide a platform for our innovation.

  • Hardware and software provider to the First Aid/Safety industry
  • Proprietary patented product manufacturer of complete, cost-efficient and cost-saving solutions for first aid emergencies
  • Industry innovator of Emergency Instruction Device (EID)
  • Comprehensive market knowledge of all brands of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • AED and First Aid program management solutions experts
  • International wholesaler for AEDs and AED programs
  • First Aid kits, emergency responder supplies, AEDs, First Aid/CPR training and simulation devices
  • Multi-lingual product solutions provider
  • Liability Protection Assistance (for AED acquirers)
  • OSHA Best Practices Solutions for AED and First Aid Programs
  • Certified AED Program Provider & AED Program auditing services
  • Expert Medical Board which includes Physicians & EMS with 300+ years cumulative experience
  • Toll-free technical product and post-event support
  • AED Medical Direction / Physician’s Oversight Services
  • AED inventory management & servicing solutions — with automatic notification of all AED supply expiration dates and recalls


  • AED new employee training – AED demos provided free for website viewing
  • Regulatory updates provided via voice, newsletter or email notification
  • State Mandate Compliance for AED owner/acquirer Civil Liability Immunity laws
  • Post Event Review Assistance & EMS notification assistance
  • Reporting, Upkeep, & Documentation Assistance
  • Certified training solutions for First Aid, BBP, AED, CPR
  • National training network consists of EMTs and nurses with field experience
  • Protocol Compliant with all major training organization standards (AHA, Red Cross, NSC, HSI, ASHI, Medic, ECSI, American Health, EMS Safety, European First Aid Manual, ECC, ILCOR, etc) with in-house extensive technical standards experts
  • Experts on refresher training tools that can be integrated with responder systems
  • Employee AED training and emergency response procedure notification assistance
  • National annual fixed training contracts for certified national CPR, first aid, BBP, and AED responders
  • OSHA, CPR, first aid, BBP, & AED online certified training solution provider

Key Products, Software & Services

At Think Safe, you partner with people, not our cutting-edge technology or products. As part of our comprehensive program approach, we offer real expertise and knowledge, ongoing support and 24/7. With our integrated services, we can help you develop a first aid and emergency management program that ensures a high-level of readiness at all times. 

  • Proprietary Emergency Instruction Device (EID)
  • Proprietary Self-contained Emergency Treatment (SET) First Aid Systems
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • AED Packages & Accessories
  • Comprehensive Compliance & Learning Management Systems (CMS & LMS)
  • AED Medical Oversight & Prescription
  • AED Storage & Signage
  • First Aid Kits
  • Responder Kits
  • Accessory Emergency Tools
  • AmpuSave Amputation Kits
  • Blood borne Pathogen Cleanup Kits
  • Oxygen Equipment
  • CPR Manikins
  • First Aid Books / Guides
  • ResQr First Aid Software for PC / Smartphone instead as Mobile Application Software Development
  • Worldwide Dealer Servicing Network
  • Certified Training (First Aid, CPR, AED, BBP, OSHA 10/20 hour, etc)
  • Training / Simulation Products
  • Survival / Preparedness Products
  • Online Store
  • Custom Assembly

Awards & Recognition

Think Safe is proud to be recognized for our innovations that make minutes matter, our performance as a company, our workplace culture and our contributions to communities around the world.

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