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buy Lyrica in mexico Think Safe innovates with dealers being a key piece of our marketing and sales strategy. Therefore, Think Safe allows for the majority of our software as a solution (SaaS) products to be private labeled by our peers and key partners. A key advantage of Think Safe’s SaaS model is that each solution has feature add-ons that private label software partners can elect to turn on or off, to keep the solution budget friendly. Each Think Safe SaaS is designed to patch into an existing program management database or solution already in use. This allows expansion, per the client partner needs, to accommodate PC and/or mobile friendly, QR-code friendly, Learning Management System, Training Center Management or Enterprise-wide upgrades.

Think Safe Offers Private Label Software Customization to Peers and Key Partners At Think Safe we use industry-proven and cutting-edge technologies and tools to provide the market with exclusive turnkey solutions that make minutes matter in saving lives. For many, these turn-key protocol compliant solutions cover their program requirements at an economical price. However, if our standard software products offer most (but not all) of what you need for your overall emergency response, first aid, AED, CPR, human resources, education, facilities, or safety management program, then chances are that a little customization can get you the rest of the way. Think Safe has talented programers on staff that support highly flexible configuration and customization options on all of our software.

Software Customization: Comprehensive Features Allow Tailoring for any First Aid, AED, Safety, or Emergency Preparedness Program

Anapa The process of customization makes the product better suited to your organization’s needs. Here are some handy customization features that enable your company to carry out diverse programs with little effort:

  • Customized Notifications, Reports & Views
  • Customized Reports
  • Customized Views
  • Personalization (White-Label) 

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