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HeartSine® Free Pad-Pak Program

If a HeartSine samaritan® PAD is used during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), it's critical that we're told, by receiving the Saver® EVO file that contains comprehensive event data about the event and a completed Customer Event Form. This information is used by HeartSine to measure the success of our AEDs and to continually improve our products to ensure optimum results. When the Saver EVO file and completed Customer Event Form are provided and the event is verified by our Clinical team, we'll send that user a free Pad-Pak for their efforts!

FREE Pad-Pak Rules:

  • Immediately after the use of the AED during an SCA, contact Think Safe (319)377-5125 to report the event and outcome.
  • Immediately after the SCA event, follow the instructions in the Saver EVO manual to download the event data and submit it to Think Safe. Need the Savor EVO software, download below.
  • Complete and submit the Event Form with information about the patient by emailing it to or faxing to (319)377-4224
  • We will send the free Pad-Pak as soon as the Saver EVO data and Customer Event Form have been received and verified by our Clinical team.
Event Form

HeartSine® Saver EVO Software Downloads

Saver EVO Software for U.S. Customers

If you are using a SAM 350P or SAM 450P in the U.S., download Saver EVO 1.4.0, updated on June 8, 2015.


If you are using a SAM 300P or SAM 300 in the U.S., download Saver EVO 1.3.0, updated on October 24, 2013.


Saver EVO Software for Rest of World Customers

If you are using any product outside the U.S., download Saver EVO 1.3.0, updated on October 24, 2013.